– Our guided hikes –

Mélanie and Laurent, mountain guides, can offer you tailor-made outings: half day from the eco-house, day, sunrise on the crests, or bivouac of 2 days with or without our anesses.

Our project: to gain height, to recharge and to awaken all your senses to get to know each other better….

Walking or running. Anything is possible! Contact us.

Examples of possible walks from the eco-house.

Maps and tips available on site.

  • Tour de l’Aiguillon: 5 hours on foot, 1 hour and 45 minutes running
  • Summit of Mount Falcon: 2 hours on foot, 1 hour running
  • Aureilles Peaks: 4 hours on foot, 1:30 a.m. running
  • Trail of the springs: 1 hour to the village on foot
  • Luzet Peaks: 6 to 8 hours walking (day trip) or 3 hours running
  • Longeanne Peaks: 6 to 8 hours walking, 3 hours running
  • The big peaks: Pic de Bure, Grand Veymont, Grand Ferrand and Obiou: day trip
  • The Chamousset by the gorges of Riou Froid or by the ridges
  • The agnielles gorges with the family

And also: Brede Brean outings, buff observation, sunrise on the ridges….

Our favourites: “farm-to-farm” hikes

Monday: Cheese spreads: from the Forest farm to the Beaumugnes farm, via the Dresq pass, we will hike for half a day to meet the organic farmers of the valley, and their delicious products….

Thursday: From lavender to bread: from the Lavender distillery of Pusteaux, to the Forest farm, we will talk about what has always made the economy of the Aiguebelle valley: the fine mountain lavender. And through the flowery fields, we will end our afternoon around a good walnut bread.

It is possible to hike with donkeys.

IN 2020 on the trails….

HIVER: Snowshoe hikes have started! During the day or a half, the gentle slopes of the Upper Boech allow access to wild ridges and forgotten peaks. Change of scenery and total disconnection… Walking level with snowshoes: from beginner to experienced.


For the 3rd season, we take the farm-to-farm walks with our sweet donkeys.

“Monday cheese spread”: After taking bread from the forest farmers’ farm, we hike to get the cow’s cheese tome in the nearby Beaumugnes valley. Baptiste and Cecile are waiting for us to share their passion. Children will be able to participate in the milking of cows and the care of calves, pigs, ducks, etc.

2pm-6pm. 2.30am walk about 350m vertical drop. Children advised from 5 years old.

Wednesday’s “Family Walks”: With younger children, we’ll take the time to get to know the donkeys, brush them, cuddle them, brush them… before going quietly for a walk in the forest.

9.30am-12pm or 3pm-5.30pm: Suitable for children from 3 years old. An hour and a third of walking, 150 m of vertical drop.

Thursday’s “Biquettes and Lavender”: Let’s take a look at the height of a small village in Haut B-ech, to meet a goat farm, cuddle the biquettes and learn more about their dirty character in the company of Pascal, a goatherd for 50 years! We will then descend through the fields of Lavender, to visit the lavendery, and enjoy the summer scents of the distillery.

2pm-5pm. 2 hours walk. 150 m of vertical drop. Children advised from the age of 5.

Walks with our donkeys, including farm tours and product tastings when there are 15 euros per adult and 10 euros per child.

The big Friday hike: On Friday we take the path of the peaks, ridges and forgotten trails, armed with the pic-nic and good shoes, for the big hike. Durbonnas, leaf tip, Le Grand Ferrand, the round rock, the ridges of Luzet, Toussière, the Pic de Bure… so many names that sing and promise a beautiful day. Full eyes, full legs. Beautiful memories in perspective.

Minimum 5-hour walk. Leveled between 800 and 1600m. Program varies depending on demand and weather. Consult us.

Price: 30 euros per person. Group between 6 and 10 maximum.